We all want good picture quality and a nice camera in every phone to capture our sweet memories while we chill out with our friends,isn’t it? While we are busy chillin’ with friends we don’t take care to protect our camera from small damages which led to major damages and you get a bad impression on your phone. This 3 ways will help your smartphone camera to be protected from getting damaged.

3 ways to protect smartphone camera

1) Place your phone the right way

The most important thing is to keep the phone the right way.Most of the time we just place the phone any where and do not care about the damages. Reports show that the main reason to have a bad camera is because of the placing. If you keep your phone’s camera facing the downside which can lead to some scratches on the lens’ of the camera and eventually the lens gets scratches and the lens becomes scratchy and there is no replacement for it.

58615-57813-56725-mg2) Avoid Phone Drops

According to a survey conducted in 2015 it is found that 60% of the time every phone drop causes vibrations on the camera lens leading to direct breakage or shifting of camera lens.We should be more careful while we put our smartphones inside our pocket/purses or while removing it.These things can be expected to happen

1. Expect direct damage to the device’s hardware or software
2. The camera’s auto-focus feature could suffer drawbacks. Chances are that you would never be able to focus right, the next click!
3. Detachment of the camera cable may interfere with the camera’s response system!

smartphone camera

3) Direct Sunlight Exposure

“If I will not expose it to sunlight…How will I get Sunset and Sunrise Pics?” Don’t worry this tip is not about sunrise and sunset it about the bright shinny sun of 12pm in the after noon.Damaging the imaging sensor isn’t a joke my friend,wanna know what could happen?
1. Acting as a magnifier, the lens will build up the intensity of the sunlight!
2. Long exposures would always conclude to permanent damages to the camera’s sensor!

So be careful buddy it could be your last time to get a photo of the sun at 12pm.

smartphone camera

These were some tips which will help you to protect your smartphone camera so be careful next time cause we all love our smartphone cameras