I have been searching for the best earphones that we can buy for best sound quality with durability and also which we can use during work-outs. After searching for a long time and doing a lot of research and asking the best options to my blogger friends I have come up with this list for you guys, cause it is not an easy job to find some budget earphones which provide you what you need. So let’s get started with list of

Top 5 Earphones Below 15$/Rs. 1000

5] Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones

That name is even worse than CLR-100 so I would call it ”P-Fit”. The P-fit is the cheapest among them and the output that these give are appreciable at that cost so we can’t actually complain much about them and if you budget is strictly non-expandable then you can opt-in for these guys they sound good the quality is good the don’t fall off soon. What else you need for such a low priced earphones?

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4] Audio Technica Ath-CLR 100

The best sounding earphones that you might have but you probably won’t get this pair because the most unwanted thing to know about these earphones is that they are highly fragile and not at all durable for a rough user/traveler. The chords of the earphones are so thin and do not seem durable at all to me or any other person out there. Check a Look at it.

These earphones don’t even look premium in other colors while it would do in the black variant.



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3] Sennheiser CX-180

Th chose one from years! These earphones are the most popular choice of the people since they were the first ones to offer immensely great sound and good durability too. But now it has been beaten but it doesn’t go grandpa type too. These still offer great sound  and awesome durability too. You can buy them easily from anywhere but still I am giving some links to it.

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2] SoundMagic ES18S/ES18

These pair of earphones are made by the company which is set up in East Asian Nations and is known as SoundMagic  and have been creating some great pairs of headphones and earphones too. The best earphones that this comapny has made and which is liked by most of the useres is SoundMagic ES18s and ES18 [The ES18S variant comes with a microphone and the ES18 doesn’t so its the choice of the customer on its usage]

You can buy the pair from

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1]Xiaomi Mi In-ear Headphones

As the name goes Xiaomi Mi In-ear Headphones. This pair of earbuds actually feels like headphones on wearing it though they don’t look like some BOSE earphones but they might sound like them. These headphones/earphones cost around Rs.1000 or 15$ approx and can be bought from the button given below

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This pair has some great features listed below;

  • Premium Looking
  • Best Balance of Bass and Treble
  • Highly Durable (Half portion is Braided wire)
  • Classic Metal Design
  • Tactile Buttons
  • Best inbuilt microphone
  • Compatible with all Android and Windows as well as Apple devices.
  • Angular and Best fitting to the ears
  • Excellent Grip

Some Honorable Mentions

1) Sony Ericsson MH1-BL

Sony has been known for their Displays and Camera and now it’s the earphones. The MH-1 costs less than 28$ according to Amazon and the earphones seem intangible as they are flat cables and the earbud quality also seems nice.


As I mentioned earlier that I was searching for some earbuds so by researching I got a pair of Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones and they do not make me feel that ‘Ah….I should’ve bought the other one’ So better you also choose them. 🙂