Screen recorders have been very filthy to get for non rooted phones and some recorders who don’t need root are not that good and creates some lags but now we don’t need to find those filthy ones I have got one screen recorder which gives best screen recording WITHOUT ROOT!!

AZ Screen Recorder

The recorder has many options available in both paid and free versions. The paid version is not actually necessary for normal usage.The recorder has the following options:

  • Encoder
  • Use of a Magic Button (Paid)
  • Stop Options
    • Stop By Notification
    • Show a Red Blinking Dot
    • Stop on screen OFF
    • Stop on shake
    • Enable time limit
  • Selection of Resolution (1080p,720p,360p)
  • Frame Rate (60 fps,50fps,48fps,30fps,25fps,24fps)
  • Bit Rate
  • Orientation ( Landscape,Portrait etc)
  • Time-Lapse (Video Speed)
  • Audio Recorder
  • Text and Logo Display
  • Show Touches
  • Show Camera (Paid)
  • Camera Settings
  • Timer before starting

The app has unlimited options but one problem that I faced was the size the recorded video takes, the size was quite high 600mb and 400mb which is quite large for a 30 second video or 40 second video.

What is the Solution?

I found out that if you keep the settings as mentioned below then the videos recorded take much much less space.

  • Resolution:- 720p i.e 1280×720
  • Frame rate :- 50 Fps or 30 Fps
  • Bit rate :- Auto

By keeping these settings the videos recorded takes less space and you can enjoy the videos.

The app is used by me to make my own videos as one of then I made TOP 5 BEST ADDICTIVE GAMES 2016