Get to know about Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk features and download link. With this Mod Apk, you will get Unlimited everything which includes moves, lives, power and all levels unlocked.

Crushing candies is the most famous job among billions of young smartphone users. Candy crush saga is one of the most successful games for Android and iOS users. There were times when people bought Android devices just to play these games like Candy Crush, Temple Run and Subway Surfers.

We have never seen a day where our notification tray in Facebook is free from candy crush requests, and that’s how the game changed the world. It made people spend more time on Facebook and smartphones.

By now you might have matched thousands of candies and crushed them to explore more kingdoms. You might have made friendship with Mr. Toffee, and Tiffi and odus might have helped you to explore the candy town during the night.

Well, how long have you been playing the candy crush saga? How many kingdoms have you explored so far? Is that the level 100 or 500 or 700 that made you stuck for a while? Are you tired of sending requests to your Facebook friends to get lives and special sweet treats?

Well, don’t worry we are always there to help you.

Candy Crush Saga Mod APK

In this article, we are going to reveal a hack that lets you explore any candy crush level to want. This hack also allows you to enjoy unlimited lives all the time. You can use unlimited lollipop’s to hard crush the unnecessary candies that stop you from completing the current level.

Don’t believe us, well here are few screenshots showing all that we have said earlier.

Candy Crush Mod Apk

Notice the number of moves in Level 1 in image above.

Candy Crush Saga Mod Apk

All Levels Unlocked in Mod Apk as shown in image above.

Convinced? Well, continue with the article to know how we did this.

How to unlock candy crush for unlimited fun?

To make it possible, you don’t need any hard coding skills. All you need is to download the app given in the download link below. The app below is a modified version of the official candy crush app, which is known as Mod for candy crush.

This lets you explore the unlimited possibilities of the game.

How To Use The Mod APK?

  • Before using this Mod, you need to uninstall the official candy crush app from your device.
  • Now download the app from the following link. Make sure you enable the installation from unknown sources.
  • Once installed launch the app and you will be prompted by a pop-up click on the right side button and the game will be launched as usual.
  • It’s done, now enjoy the fun in crushing the candies.

Candy Crush Mod APK Features

  • You can literally play any level you want to play without waiting to unlock.
  • You can have unlimited lives instead of 5.
  • Unlimited moves while playing a level.
  • Unlimited powers like lollipops and jellies.
  • All this without burning pockets and time.

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Do not connect the app to your Facebook account.

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