Why Google giving external hard disk storage on drive for free?

Now,Google is giving 1TB of storage in its drive for free if you help them to improve their map service. When you get external hard disk storage on air then there is no need to get a external hard disk. And the service will be rewarded when the people help them by giving useful information like pictures,reviews, or mark tourists spots.The company has broken down the level of contribution in five tiers. Google says that the people who have reached level 2 out of 5 will get early access to new features and schemes. Similarly, upgrading from 2 to level 3 the person will be shown by a badge beside his name.

external hard disk

External Hard Disk not needed when Google gives it

Moving onto the 4th stage, in this stage the person will be rewarded one terabyte of space in his drive. The level 5 will be a great chance to attend the inaugural summit of google in 2016¬†and explore the Google campus and meet other top guides. Users in level one will get a chance to participate in company’s exclusive contests to win goodies including devices, the company wrote in a blog post.