Social media is easy to use, but hard to store on Android devices which have very less storage space. And having Facebook and Twitter in those phones is like a bulk. Facebook and Twitter take near about 100MB collectively on any phone.

But now the problem is solved because an app called “METAL” is now available on the play store for only 5MB and it’s totally free.

Metal which operates Facebook and Twitter both Simultaneously

The app has a soothing UI,which is quite similar to the FB and Twitter apps. The app uses the ‘Mobile version’ of the websites so it is easy to have both FB and Twitter in a single app. Also Metal has a notification,which is sticky to the status bar and doesn’t move.

The status bar has options like ‘friend request’, ‘Notifications,News Feed’ and ‘Messages’. All these are floating window options and can be opened anywhere without opening the actual app.
Unfortunately the app’s a notification doesn’t have a Twitter section so only Facebook’s notifications can be opened

The app supports everything separately and shows the sidebar options according to the respective feature opened. For e.g. If Facebook is opened,then the sidebar will show “Groups, News feed, messages, Me etc.”


The app itself has a Security feature which supports fingerprint lock with the devices which have a fingerprint sensor.
The app also has 4 different types themes viz. Facebook Default, Eclipse Dark, Snow White, Pitch Black (AMOLED). The app also features a Material Interface but in the Pro Version. You can also use a Proxy Host.

How to Use

To start using FB and Twitter you need to first login to both of them. (That is obvious, but still some people don’t get it)

To get the PRO version you need to pay or you can download from ads free link mentioned below.

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