Nowadays its pretty hard to find games which are different from racing and running other most common games. This list of games will satisfy your need and not make you bore.

I have played these games for a long time and they aren’t boring at all. On the other side nor you will sweat neither your blood pressure will increase. Lets check the list and get aware of the games.

List of 5 games that will blow your mind pretty well.

 1. Unwind

This game is pretty simple only have to move from right to less unless you reach the nightmare mode which hypnotizes you and your definitely gonna fail. My highest score in Nightmare mode is not more than 40s. while reading you will think ” 40s? come one man i can go till 400s ” Actually you cannot Watch the video and checkout why i am telling this.

2. Duet

Pretty simple game but goes on getting tough as you cross the levels the premium version of the game increases levels and variety in the game gets added. This game is ’bout two balls of blue and red which have to face the blocks which come down in different speed and in different angles. Reading about the game is the worst explaination of the game better you watch the video of it to get a view.

3. One Wheel

This game is pretty simple as you only have to cycle a cycle of one wheel and reach high scores to unlock new cycles. By looking at the pictures you can get a gist about the game.

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4. Warriors Duel

This game can be listed under one tap section as you only have to tap once and two people can also play the game same time the main concept of the game is the time the person who taps faster wins.

These were some games that I thought were different than the others. Hope you are also satisfied by the small list.