Struggling to use that  non-customizable free WordPress themes and the paid ones feel tempting? Then this trick is the one you need. I know many of the bloggers might feel that this post is unethical or is quite bad for the developers of the themes. But the way we care about the developers we also should keep in mind that there are many who run blogs with no investment other than domain and hosting. Also, as every developer of a game knows that his paid version is going to be cracked one day, so there is no big deal in this. Anyways, we’ll continue to the topic and readers, I would like to mention that this technique is NOT STEALING DEMO . You will get an original theme with the license of the theme, which is quite good I suppose.


For getting any premium WordPress theme/plugin you first need to know the full name of the theme. For Eg: If I want a theme named  XYZ Theme. But the original name of the theme is XYZ- Responsive/Magazine WordPress Theme.

wordpress themes

For Eg: If I want a theme named  XYZ Theme. But the original name of the theme is XYZ- Responsive/Magazine WordPress Theme.

After Copying the name you need to paste the theme name in the GOOGLE search bar and then check whether the desired theme you selected is showing up or not. If yes then you can skip to the next step or else you need to copy the theme’s name again and this time correctly.

After doing  you need to paste the theme name in the search bar again and then after typing the theme name you need to type ‘FilesTube’ For Eg:- XYZ- Responsive/Magazine WordPress Theme FilesTube.

wordpress themes

Then you need to open any search result which is not the original theme website. After the site is loaded there will be many links provided as shown in the image then you need to highlight the’s link and paste it in the new tab then click on the DOWNLOAD NOW button.

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wordpress themes

After the download is complete you need to extract the .rar/.zip file to a New Folder. in case the extracted items contain another .zip file then continue to the next step or else if there is no such .zip file with the theme name then you need to continue with the file that you have downloaded.

After doing the above step you need to log in to your WordPress Dashboard and then
Go to Appearance>Themes>Add New>Upload. Then select the downloaded file and upload the .zip file. Wait till the page reloads then activate the theme and start editing to your choice.

wordpress themeswordpress themes

Mostly,  premium themes have some requirements which are supposed to be fulfilled by installing some required plugins which are definitely free. And can be installed by clicking on the upper banner which will say ‘Begin Installing these plugins’.

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This way you can download Any WordPress themes for FREE no matter whether it is Paid Or Free.


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