It is noticed by me that many phones these days have cameras which get blurred without any reason and the picture quality gets totally blurred and messed up. ”To get your old great camera picture quality back you need to give it to the customer care” This option is USELESS AND UNWORTHY . Why? I will tell you why because today you are going to learn a trick that the “CUSTOMER CARE”  does….sometimes.  But this trick is worth and I have done this to my camera and there is no HARDWARE PROBLEM as such it is just a layer of dirt or I should say a layer of something that you don’t want.

First of all you will need:-

-Colgate(Any toothpaste)
-Nail Paint Remover
-Blurred Smartphone camera

What To Do of a toothpaste and a earbud?! 

  1. Get a earbud and on one side of it put a very very small amount of toothpaste (Just a little bit)
  2. Rub the toothpaste-d side earbud on your camera with some pressure in a circular manner
    [You will see some blackish thing coming out from it after 5 mins] This thing is interrupting your inside’s photographer and camera.
  3. After 10-15 mins doing step 2 . Get a drop of nail paint remover on the other side of the earbud and then rub the nail paint remover sided earbud on the camera for 10-15 SECONDS. Then take a tissue and wipe the toothpaste.
  4. Do this step 2-3 days for 10-15 mins to get the best results and this trick is tested and verified see the pics below so that you know the difference.



           AFTER                                                                           BEFORE


This pic above ^ was shot by my own camera and still i need to clean in a little bit to get the best results.

I hope this trick helped you and your inside’s Photographer.