As we all know that iphone’s earphones are the best earphones that we get from any other phone providing company. And doubtlessly we all were always eager to know about new iphone and it has always created something new and now it is said that Iphone 7 will not have a 3.5mm jack as they are providing wireless earbuds.


It is also said that Iphone is working with Beats by DR.Dre to do the same. There aren’t a lot of wireless earbuds in the market currently so again it will be a show stopper if Apple succeeds in making them. Where it is a matter of concern with the maintenance of the earbuds. At one side they are quite good as they are wireless and on the side there is a lot of chance to lose them but I am pretty sure that those earbuds will have a GPS type system so that they can be found easily. 

Some of the wireless earphones in the market currently are :

Iphone 7

There’s an ongoing petition to keep the connectivity option, signed by more than 215,000 people, and counting.Which is a lot of number to take in consideration.

Iphone 7 to feature  wireless earbuds will make a huge revolution in the smartphone market.