One of the most helpful apps on Google is the Leo Privacy Guard app which also include a boost feature in it. This app has got over more than 50 million downloads and every minute it is been downloaded. This app is for free and available on Google Play store and has got a 4.3 rating which is very good and it also deserves to have that rating. Now moving onto the real review about it. That is it worth using or not.

Lets just start with the UI i.e the user interface of the app. When you download the app and open it for the first time it gives some instruction about the app and also allows you to set a pattern as a password also a security question to set if you want to. After that you will see many options and customization of the app itself and other apps too by default the privacy apps locked my WhatsApp, Faacebook, Messenger  which is good and most important to lock up. There are two modes by default and you can add up many modes. The two modes that you get are the Guest Mode and Home Mode.leo3

Lets get deep into the modes. The options that i saw after going inside the modes option were the Time Lock and Position Lock which stunned me a lot. By setting the time lock you can change the modes after a particular time. For instance if i want to change from Home mode to my guest mode at 10 am then the mode will change and then the apps you selected which should be locked will be locked. And this is very helpful. Moving onto the position lock you can set where you want to change the mode suppose you leave for your office and you want that the app should change its mode when you reach office then you can do that easily by selecting the position of office in the map.

Moving onto the cover or lock cover which acts as shield on your locked app. there are 4 covers you can add viz. Beauty Cover, Fingerprint Cover,Fake call cover, Error cover to pass through anyone of these cover you need to know the specific gesture which is given by the app itself by these covers anyone can be fooled irrespective he/she doesn’t uses privacy guard.

Also one thing that is looked into seriously is the experience of the user there are numerous themes you can change into for better feel. and the best part is that the app doesn’t shows up in to recent apps so that no one gets into the app without the password.

Moving further leaving the apps locked.  This app also hides your images,videos,private sms and calls too and you can get rid of your parents checking your phones and you can give it to them without any worry and let them enjoy clean stuff. If you understand what I mean :P.The app also allows you to back up your data and restore it and uninstall apps from the privacy  app itself.

Moving on to the boost feature,the boost feature is quite good and it clears the RAM for you and gives you some space for multitasking

Overall the app is a small packet with lots of stuff which can perform 7 activities with only one app and you do not need to get 7 different apps for each function. I would recommend to get it cause every age group needs some privacy to be guarded.