Follow this tutorial to make Free In App Purchases on Android. Unlock the premium content in games for free using the method mentioned here.

Android is pretty famous for its huge list of games that are available for free on its Play Store. Well, there are several games that transformed to be the most addictive games. Games that were meant to kill boredom has now been addictive.

The number is very big, but to name a few popular games among them Candy Crush Saga, Temple Run, Subway Surfers, Clash of Clans and Talking Tom stands foremost in the race.

Well, you might have already put your hands on these games and made the game characters play for you. Well, the question is where are you? Confused, Didn’t get? In which level were you stuck? Don’t hesitate to say that you were at some lower level than your friend. We want to help you in crossing your friend’s progress.

In this article, we are going to make you aware of a powerful app that lets you unlock all the game levels, get you unlimited access to coins, weapons, help you in earning gems etc. The stuff that is premium can be accessed for free.

So aren’t you excited, if you are then go through this simple guide that helps you to unlock the premium content at free of cost.

Make Free In App Purchases on Android

Yes, this can be made possible by an app known as ‘FREEDOM’. It is a small app that’s less than 2 MB in size and it actually does all the magic.

What does Freedom app do?

This app helps you to make In- App purchases like coins, gems, weapons, bullets and other stuff for free. Are you still wondering how can this be made possible?

How does this App work?

Freedom app has a fake payment mechanism that tricks Google Play billing services and let’s you pay for the In-app purchases. This will let you get the stuff for you and help you in saving the bucks.

If we are not wrong you might probably be thinking, how to do that? If we are correct we will quickly help you do that. Continue with this article.


How to use Freedom app?

  • The freedom app isn’t available on Google Play Store. It is available for free. You can download it from the following link. You need not pay for it.
  • Once you have downloaded, install it. Since the app is downloaded from an external source you need to enable “ Install apps from unknown sources” from settings in your Android machine. Navigate to security settings in the settings menu and enable the above option.
  • Once done with installing, grant permission for root access or superuser access.

Free In App Purchases Android

  • Once it is launched you can find the list of games installed on your smartphone. Select and launch the game you need to make a purchase.

Hack In App Purchases Android

  • While making a purchase you can find a payment card displayed in Google Play billing window. It will be like “Freecard xxx-xxx”. If you find this then the app is working fine.

Unlock Premium Content in Games for Free Android

It is done and now the only thing that’s left is to enjoy the freedom in using your favorite games without any boundaries. You are totally in your control. Now challenge your friend and happy gaming.



  • Freedom app requires root access.
  • Also, games that run on server side can’t be tweaked with this app. But you can enjoy most of the apps.