Walking Dead Game Into the play store!!

the walking dead game

The Walking Dead Game

The Walking Dead became the most favorite TV series and now The Walking Dead Game is also there out for thier viewers and it has got  millions of downloads.

The goal is to survive and build your own safe haven after escaping from Terminus. Players have access to 6 classes and plenty of characters to choose from. Like in the show, each of them will have unique abilities and skills, which will truly engulf you into the idea of making the right choices to stay alive.

To make matters even better, the game is guided and voiced by Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), one of the most popular fan favorites of the acclaimed zombie-packed TV series. And there will also be exclusive content you haven’t encountered elsewhere.


“Guided by fan-favorite character Daryl Dixon, voiced in-game by TV show actor Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land delivers gripping turn-based combat, engaging character progression, and exclusive content from season six of “The Walking Dead.” Beginning with an escape from the grim Terminus train yard, players must fight walkers and build up their own safe haven to survive. The game features six classes and multiple unique characters, each with different abilities and strengths.”


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