Video Editing  has been improving in desktops from a long time but now video editing is simplified and improved so that you can do it on your android. This list gives you Top 3 Best Video Editor Apps for Android.


1.Power Director

This app ranks First in Top 3 Best Video Editor apps because I personally use it and is very easy to use too.

This small little app of 27mb gives us many features which are different and some which are common.
The app supports number of formats of videos,pictures,audios so that you don’t have to convert the format. The app supports 1080p HD editing or video format but only via in-app purchase which isn’t good.

There are lot of things that you need to purchase before you are able to use the whole app itself.

video editor

2. Kine Master

This little 35mb video editor is a small packet with lots and lots of features. This editor includes:-

a. Multi Layer Video
b. Handwriting Text,Stickers
c. Frame By Frame trimming,cut and paste
e.Audio Editing with adjustable lows and highs
f.Saturation,hue,brightness controllers.


And many more stuff there are two versions of it the paid version and the free version.

video editor

3.VivaVideo:Free Video Editor

Though the app has got 50 million downloads I don’t think that the app is that good and feel kind of childish and doesn’t have quite of features or anything the edit section has only option for trimming the video i should not call it a video editor that’s better.1452173894426
These were the best 3 video editors that you can use to edit your videos! Also read my upcoming post Top 3 Screen Recorders (No Root)!

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