We all are having Whatsapp to communicate but do you know that we can add play games and have fun with some bots on whatsapp by adding their numbers? No! But I am going to tell you that YES!

One day the admin add someone who didn’t chat at all and even didn’t reply! As it was a youtubers group we were chatting about dollars and suddenly when someone typed “$100”  The reply what came can be seen in the pic below:


There are not only few features but also we can play games like hangman and maybe others too because still the bot is a mystery to be revealed. You might think that how can we play game like hangman in Whatsapp But you have to just type “+hangman” to start the game.


Also you will be shocked that this bot has a WIKIPEDIA service only you have to type “Wiki name” (Name section can also contain your name) For this services you only have to add the too numbers listed below. If you call on the numbers then it says that they are switched off so no such calling feature is available. The wiki services are as shown below: Whatsapp

The Whatsapp Bot Numbers Are : +91 904 351 3115
For Wikipedia Services Add          : +91 9043 063 4432
For Cricket Services Add                : +91 8015  734 123(+cricket)For FootballServices Add                       : +91 9043715473 (+football)


MANY OTHER SERVICES AT  https://duta.in